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our kids, our community, our future 

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The current BG high school building is out of date, needing tens of millions in repairs and requiring significant costs annually to maintain its declining infrastructure.  

Additionally, much has evolved in education over the past 60 years and students need enhanced career and technology lab space as well as equipment to remain competitive in the 21st century career and college environment. Making repairs to the current building would not address these much-needed infrastructure concerns.

Rather than wasting tens of millions repairing a deteriorating facility, building a new high school is the most cost-effective use of taxpayer dollars. 

BG High School
Chipped paint and old radiator
Outdated science storage BG High School
1. Out of Date

Classrooms are small and do not meet the current standards established by the State of Ohio. Other nearby communities like Eastwood (2000), Perrysburg (2001), Elmwood (2004), Otsego (2007), North Baltimore (2012), and Rossford (2020) have invested in new high schools in the recent past.

2. beyond repair

Asbestos is throughout the building, the brick is crumbling and cracking, the heating and cooling system is outdated and inefficient, there are constant steam pipe leaks, and the entire electrical system needs replaced. The State of Ohio assessed the high school building in 2023 and indicated the cost of repair/renovation would be $47.5 million. Using its threshold for feasible renovation, the State would not co-fund a repair/renovation of the current high school because the costs are too high. By investing a bit more now, we can provide safe, modern facilities that will prepare our kids for in-demand jobs for decades to come -- and get millions in state funding to help pay for it!

3. teaching for the future with technology of the past

The high school's classrooms lack the necessary technology and equipment to prepare our students most effectively for in-demand careers and the college environment of the 21st century.

4. Safety and Security

Student safety is on the forefront of everyone's mind today. A new high school building would ensure our students have safer, and more secure entrances and access points at school. A new building would also allow for much needed enhancements with visitor management, access control, and video security systems.

Outdated safety equipment


The bond will cost $16.14 per month for each $100,000 in residential property value. 

How will this levy affect property values?
Property values are correlated positively with strong school districts. To maintain a strong school district, we need to ensure Bowling Green is home to schools equipped to prepare our students to be competitive in the 21st century career and college environment.

window A/C unit plugged into old outlet
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outdated fluorescent lighting


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